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  1. Yodexx

    Skematic won't paste.

    So I'm working on creating randomly generated dungeons. But for some reason, Skematic won't paste the schematics for generation. Here is my starting code: command /dungeon: trigger: set {_roomvalue} to 1 set {_randominteger} to random integer from 1 to 2...
  2. B

    Pasting schematic using Skematic not working

    I have a function that should paste a schematic at a specific location, but it doesn't do anything. From what I understand I am using the correct syntax. Here's the code I'm using: function pvp(): broadcast "test" load schem "pvp.schem" paste schem "pvp.schem" at location(0, 10, 0)...
  3. I

    Help with Schematics

    Im trying to find a skript add-on that can save and paste schematics. I already have tried Skematic. Newest version just kills my server when i do /sk reload, older versions work but they don't save the schematic properly (internal error while executing this command). I would appreciate some...