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  1. J

    Custom Chat (Clickable Chat Tabs)

    How can I create a custom chat box like Runescapes in minecraft? Clickable tabs that always shows up (JSON Probably). I am using Minecraft 1.14.4, Latest Version of Skript, with addons: "Json, SkQuery, Skellet, Skript-Mirror, Kosmos, Skent, Skope, skRayFall, SkVault, TuSKe-PichachuPatch-v3...
  2. KingAdmin_YT

    Skript-yaml |Adding %text% to file.

    Hi, there. In WildSkript, its has effect this wf "something" to "file.txt" And, What is this effect in version of skript-yaml? So I have found, but I dont get result. set the comments of yaml node "test" from "config" to "First line" and "Second line" delete the comments of yaml node "test"...