set block

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  1. S

    Solved It's not possible to do this ?

    on explosion: loop exploded blocks: set block at location of loop-block to stone None blocks was set, and I get this error: [15:17:30] [Server thread/ERROR]: Block at 133, 65, -179 is Block{minecraft:stone} but has net.minecraft.server.v1_16_R2.TileEntityFurnaceFurnace@777e41d5...
  2. K

    How can I set a rotated stair in 1.14?

    I'm trying to set a stair to face west instead of north. I'm not really too sure how to do this because of the new item ids in 1.14. on rightclick with stick: if player's facing is west: set block at block 1 west 1 up event-location to oak wood stairs <--- I want these stair...
  3. C

    How to set a block to a block name stored in a variable

    Hi! I want to set a block to another block which is stored in a variable. This is the line of code ive tried: set block at location of block to {block} The location of block is the location of a block which was broken because what i want is a system where when a block is broken, its gets...
  4. Z

    Set Block at (x y z)

    ▇▇▇ ▇▇▇ ▇▇▇ How can I set the block to block-2 at the specified coordinates(red point)? Assuming that I already know the coordinate of the yellow point, what should I do? on leftclick on a grass: player is holding {city_center} set {lx.citycenter} to the event-block's x-coordinate...
  5. S

    Heads on fence posts won't place in nether

    Hai, I created a simple skript for UHC that places the head of a dead player on a fence post. It works perfectly fine in the overworld but in the nether only the fence post appears. Can anyone help me fix this? I've tried almost everything. Here's the skript: on death of player: if...