server administration

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  1. Hobbes

    Hiring Novex Network: Devs, Builders, Media Creators, etc.

    The Novex Network is a Minecraft multi-game-mode server. We're starting out as a server that provides a custom coded MMORPG game-mode for Minecraft 1.12+. We plan to add Minigames, Classic Prisons, Kit PvP, and a game-mode of Factions. Everything we plan to do it with the help of our...
  2. Shroomz

    Script Gamemaster 1.0

    Features: <> - Required argument [] - Optional argument Warn players with command /warn <player> [reason] Add or remove gamemasters by command /gamemaster <add/remove> <player> Get information about gamemasters /gamemasterinfo Planned: Banning system Mute system Freezing system...
  3. I

    Anti VPN

    Category: Server Administration Suggested name: AntiVPN What I want: A skript that automaticly kicks users with a VPN and log their IP adress Ideas for commands: /vpnlist > Displays all the kicked IP's Ideas for permissions: antivpn.admin