scoreboard not load

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  1. RedDiamond

    Scoreboard not showing (SkBee)

    So i've made this scoreboard skript using SkBee and it not showing on my server, and i have SkBee, SkRayfall, TuSke on my server for the skript addon. Idk what's wrong with this code, maybe someone can help me? on join: while player is online: set title of player's scoreboard to...
  2. P

    Scoreboard error

    So I have this scoreboard and it is not working, I have the following skript addons, SkBee,SkQuery,TuSke. Do you know the issue? Here are errors. every 2 second: loop all...
  3. couger44

    Solved Not load the skRayFall score.

    Hello every1, on my server I was changing the scoreboard I had in SkRayFall to Skellett's Scoreboard, which I did not like because it blinked the tab prefixes. But when I put it back in SkRayFall mode it does not load the score, what should I do? I found the issue, the problem is the lenght of...