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  1. lolitsaods

    Script NEW UPDATE || ⭐ Player Reports⚡ Configuration with ease ⭐ [1.8-1.14] 1.2

    Information: - The system cannot detect cps on 1.9+ pvp. - You cannot claim ownership of script. - You cannot re-post this script on other forums. Requirements: - TuSKe - Skript - SkQuery (Not 100% Sure) Commands: - /report | The default command for reporting. (Players)...
  2. couger44

    Help with inventory commands

    Hi, I hope you're having a good day. Well now I will talk to you this doubt I have had for a few hours. A few minutes ago, I did a /report with GUI, I was going to do that by clicking on the item, execute the command "/report% arg 1% fly (or the item that has clicked to report on the hack)...