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  1. L

    How to read a list from an external file

    I understand how to read from an external file, but i am trying to read from a list of items/blocks, but I can't quite get how to do that. And what I mean is like: ``` on pickup: if item is {antyhing from common_items.txt}: set the 1st line of the item's lore to "&f&lCOMMON" ``` Because...
  2. T

    Reading lore of player's item

    Skript Version:2.2-dev29 Skript Author: bensku Minecraft Version: 1.12.1 --- Full Code: on right click on player: if name of clicked player is "&a&lTrader":#12 set {_lore::*} to lore of player's tool split by "||" loop {_lore::*}: set {parsed::*} to loop-text...