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  1. MRS777

    Number Sorting by RANDOMSK does not work

    Hi there, I'am running on Skript version 2.2-dev37 (https://github.com/SkriptLang/Skript/releases/tag/dev37c) and my server is running on Spigot 1.12. All Skripts work like they used to in the old minecraft versions. :) But the number sorting effect by RANDOMSK (version 2.7.1) is not working...
  2. Flare.TimeToPlay

    Make player can control entities while riding them

    Hey, I want to code a parachute with skript so I'll spawn a chicken and the player will ride the chicken. But the player can't control the chicken while riding. Is there a way that the player can "control" the chicken. (Like press "D" for moving to the right, etc. When the player looks to...
  3. Parrothead

    Replacement for RandomSK's 'Metadata' Expression (1.11.2)?

    I extensively used RandomSK's metadata expression for a ton of scripts, and I'm sad to learn that it isn't being updated for 1.11.2. Is there any other addon that replicates this or is going to incorporate it in the near future? Thanks.