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  1. G

    35 block launch

    at what speed do I need to push a player at for them to be launched exactly 35 blocks. ask no questions nvm, I figured it out. 2.9 how do I mark this as solved?
  2. C

    On push event

    Hey, is there any way of detecting when a player is getting pushed? Thanks!
  3. L

    I require helps on push/thrust

    I was looking for a jump pad for my server which I want when player step on it it push player to a specific location(I tried (direction from player to location of {examplevariable}) but it doesn't seem to be what I want). What I want is when player step on it it pushes player to specific...
  4. Blue

    Relation between push speed and blocks travelled

    I've noticed a few people wondering what the correlation between push speed in the push effect and blocks travelled is, so I decided to map it out. The test was made by forcing the player to fly and mapping out how many blocks they travel with a certain push amount. The player was teleported to...
  5. D

    Solved Knockback Problem (not working)

    Using Skript on 1.8.9 with no add-ons. Would like to keep it this way. on leftclick: if player’s target is a player; if {reach.%player%} is true: set {_loc} to location of player’s target set {_dis} to distance between player and {_loc} if {_dis}...
  6. uGim

    Solved Push players from location

    loop players in radius 20 of {_location}: push loop-player away from {_location} with speed 1 Is it possible to do it so all players are pushed back from a location?
  7. A


    i need a script really important an essential script, i have to calculate when a player go over a distance from the spawn, if {lev.%player%} is less than 10 when player go more than 100 blocks from spawn push the player in spawn direction with speed 5 and also if player level is less than 20...
  8. P

    Solved How can I do these?

    If player 1 hit player 2 with a specific item - push player 2 - set on fire player 2 - set drowning effect to player 2 - give a grass hat and blindness effect to player 2 ? Sorry for bad english
  9. F


    How can I make that the forcefield push player without a permission 5 block away: My code command /forcefieldon: trigger: if player has permission "forcefield.use": drawComplexCircle particle "redstone", RGB 5, 255, 193, center player, id "%player%-forcefield1"...