projectile hit

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  1. C

    For 40 seconds, set all arrows fired to have effects

    Hello all, I've recently started using Skript and am really stuck with how to do a few things. I'd like to have a script that does the following. (Note that this uses a custom item/handle in the first part which triggers when the item is just right clicked. This works fine and my query isn't...
  2. I

    'on damage' doesn't work in commands

    I have this here: command /avadakedavra: aliases: /ak trigger: if player is holding a stick: message "Avada Kedavra!" make player shoot snowball on damage: projectile exists projectile is a snowball...
  3. A

    Solved how to make a rebound ? (advenced math)

    Hi everyone (I'm FR, sorry for my english)! I have my own projectile trajectory system based on the reality. This cool system allows me to predict the trajectory of my projectile even before firing (in 1 tick)! How to calculate a projectile rebound against a block ? (I'm talking about a...
  4. xGrow

    Solved Projectile Hit

    I'm trying to do a kit Fisherman: And my abilitie code it's like that: on damage of player: if projectile is fish: teleport victim to attacker And it's not working Someone have any idea?