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  1. D

    Add a second suffix

    I want to add a second suffix based on what the player sets. I am using Pex and Skript. The format would be: [Prefix] [Displayname] [Suffix] [Suffix2]: The prefix is ingame rank, the suffix is donator rank and the suffix2 will be custom tag. I can make it so the player can set their own suffix...
  2. D

    Nick Skript

    Suggested name: Nick Spigot/Skript Version: 2.5 What I want: A skript that opens up a book GUI like hypixel's nick system. It allows you to change your rank and name. It changes your /list name and tab name along with kill message. I use pex so I think the commands could be /pex user %name%...
  3. Dhavex

    Promote / Remove the old Permission/Rank and get the new rank

    Hello everyone! I am new to the script and have also scripted something. I've done a Rank system and somehow wanted a "/ promote <offlineplayer> & / demote <offline player>" and I did too, but I do not understand a thing: how can I promote someone if he has the rank for example Staff and I want...
  4. FireGuy

    How to create a sorted tablist?

    I want that my tablist is sorted by pex groups, like "&4Owner %player%" is first, then "&6Mod %player%" and so on. I dont found any syntax from addons. Thanks :emoji_slight_smile:
  5. Adrihun

    Solved Rank helper

    Category: Ranks Suggested name: UpdaterRank What I want: I want a simple script. If you type in /rank add (name of the player) (name of the rank) it will give the player the rank that you typed in (OWNER, BUILDER etc) and console will then execute command "pex user NAME group set OWNER" then a...