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  1. I

    how to use a skript variable with a uuid as a placeholder api placeholder?

    how can I make this work: %skript_something::uuid%
  2. K

    PAPI Skript addon

    Hey, There was a PAPI extension for Skript in the past ( However, this extension isn't working anymore. Can someone please give me alternative solution? I need PAPI to be able to display Skript variables as placeholder in...
  3. APickledWalrus

    Addon skript-placeholders 1.6.0

    This addon allows you to create your own PlaceholderAPI placeholders, which can be used in any plugin that supports it. You are also able to use PlaceholderAPI and MVdW placeholders within your scripts. It is a fork of Ersatz which has been updated to work with the newer versions of...