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  1. eyzk

    Script SIMPLE BACKPACKS v1.0 2.2-dev34+

    SIMPLE BACKPACKS v1.0 Simple, customizable backpacks in just 10 lines (when compressed)! Compressed? Remove all notes, options, line breaks, and permissions for 10-lines of backpacking beauty! Download the file above, or copy the code from below. # SIMPLE BACKPACKS v1.0 # Please do not delete...
  2. S

    variable in option

    options: Cooldown1: "%{dashCD::%player's uuid%}%" on swap hand items: cancel event if {Dash::%player's uuid%} > 0: set {_u} to {_p}'s uuid if {dash.last1::%{_u}%} is set: set {_wait1} to difference between {dash.last1::%{_u}%} and now else...
  3. G

    Solved Buy max option

    Im making a clicker server, and i want to add a buy max option. I dont know how to make that. My points variable is {%player%.points} and the point per click var is {%player%.pointsperclick}. Can you please make it? You can make the price for it and stuff, and ill change it!
  4. C

    Help for options

    Hello good people, I need little help regarding my new skript which will contain selling items. So I want to create options like you see on some bigger plugins involving player to just write infinite amount of items and next to it price for that item for which it will be sold. So I imagined...
  5. YourMCAdmin

    Solved Nesting variables within option nams

    Skript Version:2.2-dev23 Skript Author:Bensku Minecraft Version:1.11.2 Bare with me here when I try to explain what I mean and what I'm doing. I want to know if it's possible (or if anyone can think of a work around) to use a variable later in the code to call an option. As you will see I'm...