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  1. apollo

    Script Optimized Easy Gamemode Skript (/gm) v1.0

    Commands: /gm 1,c,creative /gm 0,s,survival,4 /gm 2,a,adventure /gm 3,sp,spectator need skbee for tab complate
  2. F

    Solved Can you help me optimise my skripts?

    Hey everyone! I wrote three skripts and I am not sure if they are really optimised or not. I feel like events that are used on them can damage the performance of the server. Can you make them more performance friendly? My first skript is this. It is a scope skript and when players sneak...
  3. SwagPancakes

    How do I optimize my skript code even more?

    Hello This is my current code from the custom skript I made https://github.com/SwagPancakes/SkyVilleMC-Skript-Scripts/blob/main/beginner.sk I just wait to know if it can be optimized even more or any recommendations or codes that I should change. My server does not lag when I use this but I...