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  1. lukaskabc

    Force open book 1.13.2

    Hi, is there some way how to force player to open book? I have allready tested much codes for skript and skellet, but skellett looks not very compatible with mc version 1.13.2. I have test many variations of this set {_tool} to player's tool set player's tool to {RulesBook}...
  2. SoMuchWessel

    Open book and Quill

    Category: ? Suggested name: What I want: I want that a player can write something down in a book and quill, which they keep in their inventory, and that if i run the command /seebook <player> that it 'opens' his book and quill to me, so that i can read it, but not be able to edit it...
  3. D

    "open book" does not work [Skellett]

    Hello! I am trying to make a Skript that opens a virtual book for the help page. I am trying to make a skript for making these books, but it does not work. I have searched and found this: where @LimeGlass put how to make the book item...