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  1. U

    offline money

    hi does anyone know if its possible to get a palyer's balance even if they are offline? it works when they are online but not offline.... plz help my code: command /offlinemoney [<offline player>]: permission: money.admin trigger: if arg-1 is set: message "&bPlayer...
  2. X

    Verify permissions of an offline player

    SPANISH Verificar permisos de un jugador offline Hola! He venido aqui porque soy nuevo con el tema de skript-mirror... Quiero verificar si un jugador offline tiene permisos.... no quiero usar "if player data of arg-1 has permission "blabla.blabla"" esto simplemente verifica si tiene permisos...
  3. J

    Offline player metadata ?

    I want offline player metadata in veriable. Example: set {_player} to "%{test}%" parsed as offline player if metadata "player.uuid" of {_player} is set: send "test 1" to player It's work but only player is online. If player is offline It's don't work. Thank for interest.