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  1. E

    Solved How to add arg 1 to your money amount?

    Hello! Im trying to create a comand that gives the player money. But it's saying arg 1 iant a solid number. How can I fix this? command / mrbeast <number>: permission:op trigger: if arg 1 is a number: add %arg-1% to player's balance send "&C%arg-1%$ &4...
  2. jonawoning

    Skript Round Number

    The numbers on a variable in my skript are giving like 10.0.. and i want it round like 10. Not like this: Code: every real minute: loop all players: if {kd.influence.%loop-player%} is not 2000: add 1 to...
  3. Ronnoc2w

    Solved Add variables to variables

    Hello guys I wanted to make a token system but I cannot add a custom number to a variable :/ Here is my code: (Problem in line 9) command /eco [<text>] [<text>] [<text>]: trigger: if player has permission "" or "tokenapi.*": if arg-1 is set...
  4. K

    Number "fix"

    Suggested name: "Numberfixer" Spigot/Skript Version: Skript 2.1 What I want: I want the Numbers not to have "10000 " but all 3 represent a point = > "10.000 " Ideas for commands: / Ideas for permissions: / When I'd like it by: Any Time
  5. ItsMCB

    > 1001 Not working?

    Why is my code allowing the user's pickaxe level to go over 1000? I have looked this up and it seems like I'm doing the right thing. on mine: if player's tool is a pickaxe: if {_exp} > 1001: message "&cTOOL POWERUP OVERLOADED! &fYou should use your powerup (RIGHT CLICK)."...
  6. EWS

    Useful vanilla Skript functions

    Here is a list of some functions which do plenty of useful stuff (mostly with numbers). Most of them are made by me. Round to x decimal cases Does what Skript's built-in function should do, rounds to the amount of decimal places you want. Code: Usage: Format number Formats a number so it can...
  7. MrPannkaka

    Make skript like numbersmore

    Skript Version: Skript 2.2 (dev26f) Skript Author: Njol and those guys Minecraft Version: 1.11 --- Full Code: command /fac: trigger: set {_facnum} to 1 + 0 loop 45 times: set {_facnum} to loop-number * {_facnum} broadcast "%{_facnum}%" so what i tried to...