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  1. imStelios

    How to execute MmoItems Give command through other plugin

    Hello. I need help with mmoitems. I want to make mmoitems work with Mysteryboxes. It's all easy but I can't find anywhere the PLACEHOLDER for (player). What I want is to give mmoitems through Mysteryboxes. Mysteryboxes work with commands executes. So I need to config in Mystery box this...
  2. C

    No hit delay for all mobs except player (SkQuery, Skellet)

    Im trying to make a RPG server for me and my friends and i want to make all the mobs except players recieve no delay between hits. on damage: set {delay} to 0 tick loop all entities: set maximum damage delay of loop-entities to {delay} this doesent seem to work
  3. T

    New MMORPG Project Server

    Hello, I come to introduce you to my new project that I have been working on for almost 2 months by myself. it is a new MMORPG different server as it is pve and pvp at the same time (including safe zones like cities...), I mean you can explore and farm the entire world fighting with all the...