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  1. S

    Help with API Skript Mirror

    Hey, would appreciate any help. I have been trying to use the API from a plugin called “Wildstacker” to get an amount of something called “Barrels” in a location with Skript mirror. Here is simply what I would love to get some help With a command i can look at a block(that has something...
  2. A

    Fireworks with Skript-Mirror

    Questions: How would I launch and edit Fireworks with Skript-Mirror? I'm fairly new to Skript-Mirror so don't expect me to know too much. I don't have any current code to post in this. I understand there are ways to possibly do this with TuSke on it's own though I'm just curious as to how this...
  3. M

    Help with my skript

    so heres my code i installed mirror and Skquery but when i run it doesn't work Variables: {bal} = 0 {sellerID} = null {NameS} = null {CoalAMOUNT} = 15 {IIA} = 35 {slot0} = null {slot1} = null function CheckPlayerUUID(): if {sellerID} is the same as...
  4. Duetro

    SkMirror 2 (Rewritten)

    SkMirror by Duetro Link: skmirror.pw There are over 300 downloadable addons... ...and more than 800 Scripts! (not made by me) (and a free API for the developers out there!) Coming soon: - Script API - Addon Documentation API ✔ - SkUnity Backup - SkUnity Forum Thread Backup creator -...
  5. Duetro

    Skript Mirror by Duetro

    SkMirror by Duetro Link: skmirror.duetro.pw You can not download addons from this website while the official download link is findable easily. (Tell me if you are searching for an addon that isn't easily findable) If you have a version of a addon that isn't on my Website, please contact...