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  1. C

    Solved Error Detecting Held Item Skript

    Hi! I've been trying to create a mana skript for my server and I wanted an item to give you more mana. I created a command that did this, and it worked, but when I tried it with an item, it didn't. Here's my code: variables: {max.%player%} = 20 {mana.%player%} = {max.%player%} every 1...
  2. G

    item holding detection

    im trying to make a system where when you hold a specific item, you gain a specific amount of mana, then when you go to a different hotbar slot, the extra mana goes away. on hotbar switch: loop all entities: loop-entity is holding blaze rod named "&6magic stick" with lore "&6wow...
  3. G

    a mana system with a subtitle

    hello so im creating an rpg/dungeons server and was wondering how to make a mana system. wut i did at first was use a scoreboard, with commands, but there were no good places to display it. So i started looking on the forums for mana systems, but there were none. so basically what i want is...