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  1. Gryphon2029

    Script 1.0

    REQUIRES SkBEE Adds Harry Potter magic to the game. ALL VERY NEW AND WORK IN PROGRESS goes without saying this code is very unoptimized You must be holding a wand to use these: Left-click: Wizard M1 Right-click: Stupefy F: Lumos Shift + F: Expecto Patronum commands: /givewand: gives player 1 wand
  2. FistoF

    Magic Carpet

    Category: Fun Name: MagicCarpet Spigot/Skript Version: Whichever is the newest at the time of making this script. Features: Script re-creation of the classic Minecraft plugin, Magic Carpet.
  3. S

    spells similar to wynncraft; L-L-R, L-R-L, etc

    i want to be able to make a sword that teleports you forward, randomly teleports you and teleports you behind an entity in a way similar to wynncraft
  4. Tg hates himself

    Magic books

    Category: Magic Suggested name: Makig cal Spigot/Skript Version: 2.4.1 What I want: A skript that can be edited(easly edited, if posible) that adds custom named books; one that i want: Kamikaso: Spawns a charged creeper right at the books owner location, the explosion damage is 500 and the...
  5. P

    evoker wand

    hey im working on a wand that spawns 20 evoker fangs on blocks. i want them to be in a straight line and to make the line face the player i use: skquery skrayfall
  6. V

    Solved Is looking at player, loop players in radius

    Okay, so i am making a magic skript, and i want a magic to loop players in radius 7. Is this possible? I also need help at checking "if player looking at a player:". I have tried both docs and forums and i found no help.
  7. Mirthfire

    Solved Rain of Arrows

    Category: Weapons, Magic Suggested name: Rain of Arrows What I want: When a player throws a Snowball named Rain of Arrows in air, a bundle of arrows will rain down from 10 blocks above the target enemy. Crafting Recipe: 8 Arrows around 1 Feather Ideas for permissions: spell.arrowrain When...
  8. M

    Book Teleport

    Category: RPG Suggested name: BookTpSK What I want: i am looking for a script which spawns a book with a colored name and lore which can be editable that teleports you to said location, it being spawn or a warp, and when used it disappears from the players inventory. Preferably using a...
  9. Doctor Who

    Addon Netrozor | Magic Skript API 1.0