loop command

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  1. S

    Loop range??

    simple question but those days google is a mess, and chatGPT is broken on demand. question: how do I make a loop in a range, like this: loop 10 to 20: or loop in range 10..20: This is a very useful thing, but can't find solution, I already saw the documentation.
  2. J

    Solved How to set loop to repeat until variable changed

    So am working on this code that would basically spawn items / shulkers every so often the dragon egg is placed on place of dragon egg: set artificial intelligence of shulker to false send "started" set {_status} to "on" if {_status} is "on": if player is in...
  3. K


    Hello. I have a Problem i want to make a Rainbow wool that is on your head and this is the code if arg 1 is "White woole": equip player with White wool send "&cR&6e&eg&2e&3n&1b&5o&cg&6e&en &2W&3o&1l&5l&ce &7gewählt" wait 10 tick...