list variables

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  1. T

    Solved SKRIPT: List Variables Fail to load

    Hello! So basicly I've some list variables which store some values and they work but the problem is that when I restart my server they fail to load. I checked the logs for this and the error that I get is this: " [16:43:37] [Server thread/ERROR]: #!#! Unable to load (all) variables: [16:43:37]...
  2. NCSGeek

    Solved Help with decaying list values

    Full script: Hello all! In my script, im looking to have values in {%player%-tpa::*} be removed from that list after a given amount of time. Im not quite sure how to go about this, however. Above is my current script. I have no addons installed, and I'm on...
  3. H

    Solved Unable to Sort List Variable (Confirmed Skript bug/issue)

    Fixed in Skript 2.3.6 Edit: Sorting has been broken since 2.2+ (lowest we tested, classified as a medium priority bug) and still isn't working. Check this issue for more information! Skript Version: 2.3.5 Skript Author: Bensku Minecraft Version: 1.12.2 (Spigot) *Please note I might be calling...
  4. M

    Illegal char <<> at index 50: [PRIVATE PATH]

    I'm currently working on map reset code. After a minigame stops (whether a player leaves, someone wins, etc.) this code should run: # Map Reset Code execute console command "mv delete %{}%" execute console command "mvconfirm" create dir "%{}%" set...
  5. F

    [solved] Sorting list variables. (for ranking script?

    Actually, it is possible to create ranking script without any addon. (Like below) However, if the data became too big, such script cause heavy heavy lag. (That is fatal!! ;( So my suggestion is addon which has sorting functions. (Or anyone know how to create the faster ranking system, only...
  6. btk5h

    Addon skript-json 1.1.0

    Handle JSON objects using list variables. This addon was originally designed to work with Web APIs that use JSON for input and output, but it will also work well in any situation that requires parsing and serializing JSON. Documentation/Source - Releases Quickstart set {_input} to "{""age""...