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  1. E

    How to change players knockback

    Hi i am creating a combofly server and i want a nice kb i have nohitdelay rn and i want to do that when i hit someone and he goes on air he doesnt goes too far and i can hit again so when i combo someone up he does not falls because i can hit him because he doesnt flys too far in sky. I have no...
  2. A

    totem use event; cancel knockback

    hello, i would like to know if it is possible to implement something like this in a skript: 1. event use of the totem (on resurrect not suitable) 2. cancel the repulsion of the player, possibly knowing the reason for the repulsion in advance please if you know anything about this please share...
  3. D

    Solved Knockback Problem (not working)

    Using Skript on 1.8.9 with no add-ons. Would like to keep it this way. on leftclick: if player’s target is a player; if {reach.%player%} is true: set {_loc} to location of player’s target set {_dis} to distance between player and {_loc} if {_dis}...
  4. MarijnPlays

    Knockback Resistance

    Hey, i wanted to know if there is a way to get the generic.knockbackresistance on armor like vanilla minecraft but with a skript command.