kit pvp

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  1. U

    buyable kits issue

    i downloaded addon Ersatz so i can use placeholders from other plugins. i loaded placeholder %vault_eco_balance_fixed% but when i try to buy a kit it says i don't have enought money, so could you help me please? my balance was 8640$ here is code: else if event-slot is 36: set...
  2. J

    Solved Kitpvp gui help

    Hello! I'm a returning skript veteran, and I need a little help getting my head around function guis. Could someone give me an example or extract of a kitpvp gui, with functions. E.g format slot 10 of player with stone sword to run function (warrior, p:player) function(warrior): give 1 of...
  3. 2

    KitPvp 1 kit at a time

    Hello!:emoji_slight_smile::emoji_wave: im new to the "Skript" community and i would like some help cause ive heard that this community is very nice! ok so im making a kitpvp server but i hate that they mix kits together! could someone make a skript where if you change kits it clears your...
  4. xGrow

    Solved Projectile Hit

    I'm trying to do a kit Fisherman: And my abilitie code it's like that: on damage of player: if projectile is fish: teleport victim to attacker And it's not working Someone have any idea?