item generators

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  1. J

    I need a gen skript

    Category: Item That Spawn On A Block Suggested name: Spigot/Skript Version: lastest skript What I want: An item that spawns on a block every 1.5 seconds Generators: Dirt block, drops dirt |stone, drops cobblestone | iron ore, drops iron ingot | gold ore, drops gold ingot |...
  2. C

    Item generator

    How do i make a item generator spawn on the location I set? Basically like a bedwars dropper and make it able to be upgradable by the player through a gui from money. This money should be given by /sell as they get the items from the floor. Please I need help and it would be good for me to...
  3. R

    Item Generators not working.

    So I have been using skript for a while now. Normally when I make a generator skript with multiple generators, it works. I have 3 generators so far. Only the first dirt one works. Here is my code: every 1 second: drop 1 dirt named "&8&lDirt" with lore "&7Trade at /shops!" at...