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  1. Shroob

    Script 0.0.3

    requires skript 2.7 or later "Chatgeepeetee" help me out on this one A numerical library, also known as a numerical computing library or mathematical library, is a collection of software tools and functions specifically designed to perform mathematical operations and computations on numerical...
  2. Shroob

    Script 0.1.0

    Requires: SkQuery Latest version of (old version has a lot of local functions that shouldn't be local) How to use: look at it has a good explanation (probably
  3. Shroob

    Script 0.2.0

    Probably goes up to 10^^1e308, I'm not sure but it goes up to at least 10^^9e18 ^^ is tetration 10^^3 = 10^10^10 = 1e1e10 10^^5 = 10^10^10^10^10 = 1e1e1e1e10 = eeee10 = (e^4)10 Tutorial: supergte(), supergt(), superlte() and superlt() are >=, >, <=, < superadd(n, n2) adds n and 2 (wow)...
  4. H

    How to Infinity

    I know there is another forum with the same name or similar name but I did not understand I want to make a pet I have a problem in making a circle is infinite if anyone can solve my problem Sorry for writing all this in bad English Has been a translator
  5. 1

    How should I go about allowing numbers to go above 9.22e18?

    I've seen this done before using skript on servers but I'm not sure how to start. All I can think of doing would be storing the exponent and coefficient seperately, but I'm not sure how to do that where the math is still all correct. Not asking for spoonfeed, just wondering how I should start.