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  1. H

    Problem in setting list variable value

    I want to change multiple value of list at once. For example, I already have written down this phrase. set {list::*} to 100 But results are not what I expect. This phrase removes previous data of list, and inserts new data. So, list's (index : value) set to (1:100) How can I solve this issue?
  2. CUrrUpt Enxo

    Variable help

    hmm yes variables {playersgens::%player's uuid%::%{_tag}%::%location%} You see that variable right ima explain what I need help with. I want to find the {_tag} value according to a location but I want to do this without looping the index. I don't even know if this is possible but if its not I...
  3. agentORW


    Can someone explain Lists to me? Beacuse i dont really know how to use them set them etc. So if someone could explain how to set lists, indexes, and just any info you know about lists? Thank you :)