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  1. C

    How do I make a player not be able to move when being looked at?

    Hiya, I was just wondering if there was some sort of way that I could detect when someone is looking at a player, and if they are looking at a player, then affect that player? I'm basically trying to make it so that a user can't move when being looked at, but can move just fine when nobody is...
  2. Senku

    Solved How to make nick skript

    Hello, im working on a /nick skript and it just wont work no matter what, so i need help variables: {nick} = false {name} = text on chat: if {nick} is true: cancel event broadcast "&8[&fPlayer&8] &f{name} &8» &f%message%" set tab list name of player...
  3. Vane2k16

    How to open a enchantment table?

    Hello Forum i know how to open a enderchest and a workbench but i dont know how to open an enchantment table I did this: wait 3 ticks open enchantment table to the player but it dont work! and can I set that when the table opens that you can enchant with 30 levels i have already searched the...
  4. C

    How to set a block to a block name stored in a variable

    Hi! I want to set a block to another block which is stored in a variable. This is the line of code ive tried: set block at location of block to {block} The location of block is the location of a block which was broken because what i want is a system where when a block is broken, its gets...
  5. Aidanete

    Other [NBTSk] How to use NBTSk!

    NBTSk for dummies As I've recently uploaded NBTSk, I think is a moment to make a tutorial. When I'm writing this, the script is pending approval. All you know what NBT Tags are, and we know that skript don't provide enough support for this stuff, so NBTSk works well for your server, because...
  6. Aidanete

    Solved How I can show a variable value in a message or text

    I'm trying to show the value of a variable in a message like: {var.player} is 1 message "player is {var.player}" and get in the game "Player is 1" I want to make a message show a variable but the message shows the variable name instead. I don't know why. Here one of the failing code: message...