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  1. Asleeppp

    Addon skript-oraxen 1.0

    skript-oraxen, an addon aiming to connect Skript and Oraxen together. This addon requires the plugin "Oraxen" to function. Ever wanted to control your Oraxen experience a little more, but don't want to delve into Java development? skript-oraxen is the addon for you, aiming to add as much as...
  2. Asleeppp

    Addon skript-itemsadder 1.5

    skript-itemsadder, an addon to replace the existing, but lackluster Skript API ItemsAdder has. As if it wasn't obvious enough already, this addon requires ItemsAdder to function. skript-itemsadder more then septuples the amount of features then that Skript API! Want to detect when someone...
  3. Asleeppp

    Skript Tools SkFinder 1.0

    SkFinder is a plugin that allows you to look for certain phrases in your scripts. Commands: /skfind search [query] - Search for a phrase or word within your scripts /skfind searchpage [number] [query] - Look for a specific page for your query /skfind reload - Reloads the configuration. This...