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  1. Radicc

    Rename broken blocks

    i tried to make a skript with skulls and when you broke a skull it would rename it to the name it had before it was placed on place: id of event-block = 144 set {skull::%event-block%} to location of event-block set {skull::%event-block%::name} to name of event-block set...
  2. S

    Custom heads in gui

    Hi there, I've been trying to get custom heads (e.g. https://minecraft-heads.com/custom-heads/miscellaneous/4318-twitter) into a GUI for a few weeks now. I tried this code among others: Code: command /gui: trigger: open virtual chest inventory with 1 row named "&6GUI" to the sender...
  3. C

    disable placing player heads

    Category: UHC Suggested name: phead Spigot/Skript Version: Paperspigot 1.8.8. Skript 2.2-dev36 What I want: When people right click player heads while holding it in their inventories, I want it so it can not be placed at all on the ground or walls or anywhere. This is what I have currently...
  4. Tinkot

    Found some nice solid skinheads for whoever needs them

    Are you looking for solid colored heads for your gui? I found a few players that have a solid colored skin and didn't play for a long time. Its not likely that they change their skin. Pls let me know if you know a better method of doing this. I am interested in that! code: command /colors...
  5. D

    Solved Check what head player is clicking on

    Full Code: on right click on head: if clicked block is head of Wooomfy: message "Computer" I just can't seem to find a way to check what head the player is clicking on. if the player clicks on a specific head, then the player would execute a command or receive a message. but I...
  6. L

    Solved Help with skull in gui

    Hi, i have the problem of the skull in gui is rotate for direction of player i need that the skull rotate to opposite direction of player command /info [<player>]: trigger: if arg 1 is not set: open chest with 1 rows named "&aTienda" to player wait 1 tick...
  7. S

    Heads on fence posts won't place in nether

    Hai, I created a simple skript for UHC that places the head of a dead player on a fence post. It works perfectly fine in the overworld but in the nether only the fence post appears. Can anyone help me fix this? I've tried almost everything. Here's the skript: on death of player: if...