gui commands

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  1. devsucs

    Gui not working?! wutt?! With TUske

    Hey i was trying to make a gui execute a command but it does not work anymore it errors all over the place soo this is my problem command /run: trigger: create a gui with virtual chest with 3 rows named "&4Test": make gui slot 0 with diamond: send "help"...
  2. devsucs

    Solved Gui in Gui Not working :(

    hello i am trying to make a gui open another gui but for some reason it just closes the first gui i have made an example with 2 options of command execution i tryed and did not work for me i did allsoo check if everything was okey with the alinement and that did just be fine no problems with...
  3. couger44

    Help with inventory commands

    Hi, I hope you're having a good day. Well now I will talk to you this doubt I have had for a few hours. A few minutes ago, I did a /report with GUI, I was going to do that by clicking on the item, execute the command "/report% arg 1% fly (or the item that has clicked to report on the hack)...