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  1. I

    Sugarcane and bamboo crop regen

    Versions and addons: Skript for Paper 2.6.1 SkDragon skript-reflect SkBee SkriptGUI SkQuery SkRayfall Skream Minecraft 1.17.1 So i had this problem a while ago where I couldn't figure out a good skript to regenerate bamboo and sugarcane because breaking the bottom crop automatically breaks the...
  2. Froaku

    Crop Hopper

    I'm trying to make a hopper that will pick up crops at a faster rate and only crops, I am trying to set it up right now for sugar cane only and I was gonna do the rest later. But I keep getting stuck on the part after loop-dropped-items in radius 3 of loop-block: if loop-items is "sugar...
  3. SH4D03

    Crop Harvester

    Skript Verson: skript 2.4 Skript author: Bensku Minecraft Version; 1.14.4 Hi. I hope its not too much to ask but I've been trying to create a crop harvestor skript. This is an item that when placed auto farms nearby crops and deposits the items in a chest. The code that I have created looks...
  4. P

    Auto Farmer

    Category: Custom auto farm block Suggested name: Harvester Spigot/Skript Version: 1.14.4 What I want: If it's not too much, I would like a crop harvester (iron block or hopper) that replaces the block when fully grown. and puts it into a linked chest. It would be nice to have it harvest...
  5. DarkMbs

    Solved Leveling System

    I want to make a leveling system which unlocks crops. for a player to unlock potatoes for planting and selling they need to start by growing X number of wheat. next, they need to grow X numbers of potatoes to unlock carrots etc.... i just want to know is there a way i can keep a count of how...
  6. ItsMCB

    Solved Custom Farming Not Giving Item When Harvested

    I'm trying to make a custom food skript for my server. I can't figure out why the player isn't being given the item when it's harvested. on rightclick on soil: if name of player's tool is "&aCucumber Seed": if block above clicked block is air: remove 1 of player's tool...
  7. GeekWithAChick

    [CLOSED] Farming Simulator

    Category: RPG / Simulation / Economy What I want: The skript community as I've known it before, working together on a fun server. When I'd like it by: NOW :emoji_grinning: You say the word, I buy the server. Explained bit more: I have a recently downloaded mc again and I've been enjoying to...