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  1. Z

    Solved Help with explosion kill?

    Okay so I made a really simple skript. When you throw egg it creates an explosion. Now the problem is, when you throw the egg on player and the player dies, the dead is caused by an explosion. How I can make it to be player kill. So player who throw the egg will get a kill. Code: on projectile...
  2. J

    Ender Crystal Exposition

    I was wondering if anyone can help me figure out how to make Ender Crystal explosions not work or cause damage to entities in specific dimension? For the Overworld and nether: No explosion or damage entities or break blocks For End: Yes explosion and it can damage entities or break blocks
  3. UntitledGaming

    Solved damage cause not working

    im trying to make a person imune to explosions on damage: if damage cause is explosion: victim is a player: cancel event
  4. Burnty_

    Solved Stopping Ender Crystals from Exploding

    Looking for a way to stop ender crystals from exploding - tried the obvious: on damage: victim is an ender crystal cancel event But no dice - tried a few other things as well but whatever I do I can't seem to stop it exploding when hit/clicked. I am using Skript 2.4beta7 on Paper...
  5. K

    Bigger Explosion for Fireball

    Sup, im working on a fireball Skrip and i wanna make the Explosion bigger than Normal here is my code: on right click with stick: if player is holding stick named "<red>Feuerball": shoot a fireball from player of force 10 command /fireball: trigger: give...
  6. BirdCanFly

    Solved fireworks

    Hello, I want to make firework explode directly after i spawned it with a command/item, is this possible? And how can i do it?
  7. S

    Solved Timebomb Clear Drops

    Using this options: Perm: uhc.staff P: &8[&4TimeBomb&8] C: &b H: &f Excluded: Spawn Force: 10 command /TimeBomb <text>: permission: {@Perm} usage: /TimeBomb <On:Off> trigger: if arg-1 is "enable" or "on": set {TimeBomb} to true...