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  1. KingDooms

    Custom Enchantments

    Category: Enchantments Suggested name: CustomEnchants Spigot/Skript Version: 1.15.2 What I want: I want 2 types of custom enchants: Blast I: Breaks a 2x2 Blast II: Breaks a 3x3 And TeleItems: Any drop from mined blocks will be teleported to the player Ideas for commands: /cet [PlayerName]...
  2. K

    Need help identifying enchantments on a tool

    So far I have this: on block damage: if event-block is bedrock: if player’s tool is diamond pickaxe: wait 100 ticks set event-block to air drop bedrock But I wanted to find out how to have the tool as a diamond pickaxe with the...
  3. Riknesh

    List enchantments [Not Solved Yet]

    How to list the enchantments of player's tool in chat. I tried using the Umbaska code but it didnt work. enchants of %itemstack% command /test: trigger: broadcast "%enchants of player's tool%" Is there any other way to make this work?
  4. J

    Solved Help - Noob question :/ Enchantments?

    I was just wondering how I could give a player an enchanted item without having to loop items in their inventory and enchanting the wrong one? For an example: command /kit god: trigger: give player sharpness 1 bow But the simplest things in skript are nowhere on the documentations.