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  1. FlameikTV

    Solved Force players to use server's Texture Pack

    Hi, I'm looking for some solution for forcing player's to use server's texture pack. I have tried to Google something, but it was little outdated or it wasn't been working. I have tried this code, but it didn't work. on join: wait 1 second send resource pack from...
  2. Creaous

    Script EzDownloader - Easily download skripts on your server! v1.0.0-beta.3-fix

    I am still working on this skript, but I am focusing more on my other one ImpostersMC as that one is an among us like experience. EzDownloader EzDownloader is a recreation of my old skript called Downloader. It now has an auto-updated database, every time you start your server it will update...
  3. M

    I purchased Premium skript but can't download it.

    How can I do it?
  4. Aidanete

    Which BossBarAPI I have to download to use it with Skript?

    Hello, I have a problem, I searched a lot for a good bossbarapi, but I don't know which to select because there are a lot. Also I want to know which skript addon can handle stuff with that bossbar plugin. what bossbar plugin and skript addon to use it you recommend me? Thank you. Skript...
  5. DrackNife

    Please Download Link!

    Please, give me a download of RandomSK 1.7.2 or above !
  6. DrackNife

    Download Please!

    Someone can give me a download for a Skript plugin, compatible with Spigot 1.8 ? I downloaded the version 2.2dev and don't work!
  7. Duetro

    SkMirror 2 (Rewritten)

    SkMirror by Duetro Link: There are over 300 downloadable addons... ...and more than 800 Scripts! (not made by me) (and a free API for the developers out there!) Coming soon: - Script API - Addon Documentation API ✔ - SkUnity Backup - SkUnity Forum Thread Backup creator -...
  8. Duetro

    Skript Mirror by Duetro

    SkMirror by Duetro Link: You can not download addons from this website while the official download link is findable easily. (Tell me if you are searching for an addon that isn't easily findable) If you have a version of a addon that isn't on my Website, please contact...
  9. Adrihun

    Solved Where to download SkAction

    I need SkAction so i can change the prefix of a player. When i went on the download page, it redirected me to here: and.... "The requested page could not be found." So please, if you have the...
  10. B

    Solved Latest skript version

    Hi, I'm new to skript and have been really intrigued by the possibilities of such a great project. I've been reading some things and been teaching myself, while looking into setting up my own server to test some scripts on. I've now setup my server, and downloaded skript from bukkit, as the link...