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  1. E

    Disky report system

    So I have my code and everything looks fine but I can't find any tutorials on how to send messages on specific channel. I also thought it would be better to get help on here for embedds as well. My current code: Can anyone help?
  2. TheIronMoo

    Other Discord Embeds with DiSKy

    This is an example of a Discord embed: To get an embed to show up in a Discord channel you will need to first have an event, usually this is either a timed thing or it could be a command (which is what I will use in the tutorial): discord command embed: prefixes: ! trigger...
  3. aabss

    disky online command

    i need help with my online command, discord command online: prefixes: . trigger: set {_s::*} to the string argument split at "," reply with "Online players: %join all players with "" | ""%" it wont work Errors:
  4. Radicc

    Disky permissions in a channel

    Does anybody know how to add and remove perms from a role in a channel? i search the docs and nothing works :/ My code: