custom nbt

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  1. T

    Add custom NBT to dropped item

    So the below code is working for everything except for the adding the custom attribute ala NBT to the leather cap. I have been at this for hour just going full blown shotgun strategy trying literally everything I research to get this to work :/ no luck. (also im brand new to skripting so be nice...
  2. Riknesh

    Custom NBT

    Im trying to make a skript where it adds the spawn reason to the nbt of a mob. I tried to test it on sheeps. on spawn of sheep: "%spawn reason%" is not "natural": add "{spawnreason:1}" to entity-nbt of last spawned sheep It seems like the skript isn't working. Any way to fix it or...
  3. dreike

    Solved TuSKe GUI with SkStuff NBT. This repeats itself 10 times.