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  1. B

    Crop Growth Stage Not Working

    on break: if event-block is sugar cane: add 2.25 to {exp::%player's uuid%} send action bar "&b+2.25XP [%{exp::%player's uuid%}%/%{levelreq::%player's uuid%}%]" to player if event-block is fully grown wheat plant: add 4.75 to {exp::%player's uuid%} send action...
  2. I

    Sugarcane and bamboo crop regen

    Versions and addons: Skript for Paper 2.6.1 SkDragon skript-reflect SkBee SkriptGUI SkQuery SkRayfall Skream Minecraft 1.17.1 So i had this problem a while ago where I couldn't figure out a good skript to regenerate bamboo and sugarcane because breaking the bottom crop automatically breaks the...
  3. K

    Different Stages of Crops

    Code: on break of carrot plant: if player's tool is netherite hoe named "&b&lHarvest Hoe": if the data value of event-block is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6: if {block::%location of event-block%} is true: cancel event else: if {block::%location of...
  4. B

    Solved Check age of wheat crop

    I've searched for an answer but all the posts I saw were out of date. Could anyone help me check the age of a wheat crop? This is the code I've been trying to modify to get to work on block break: if event-block is wheat: broadcast "1"
  5. T

    XP for farming in survival

    Mining drops XP, killing mobs drops XP, smelting ores drops XP, fishing drops XP, but farming doesn't. I think this is a bit outside my scope. Could somebody write a script that sometimes drops a few XP when a player mines ripe crops? Well, this will be good enough I guess. on mine of ripe...