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  1. Nezerit6

    bag of loot

    Hello, I want to create a loot bag (player head) with the following properties: when the player holds the bag in their hand and right-clicks, the bag will disappear from the inventory, and the player will receive loot, for example, 1 diamond. Please help, I'm using the default script without any...
  2. T

    Create worldguard region.

    MY script: on place of gold block: loop blocksInCube(event-location): if loop-block is yellow terracotta: cancel event message "&cСлишком близко к другой базе!" to player set {_cancel.rg.create} to true if {_cancel.rg.create} is not set...
  3. F

    Solved how do i create variables

    actually im bad at skript just help command /ban %{_player}%: permission: ban permission message: &cYou are not allowed to use this plugin. trigger: set {_player} to player make player execute command "/tempban %{_player}% 1w Breaking rules" broadcast "&aStaff has been banned...
  4. HiverHD

    [1$|1-2 DAYS] I'll code you anything!

    Hey there, I just want to offer the greatest community (skUnity) a service. I love to skript and I have way to much time in my life, so if anybody wants a skript for his server, I'd be glad to make one for you. In general everything up to 100KB of code will be done after a day, but I have to...
  5. S

    Solved Create World Skript error

    So, using this code options: P: &8[&bServer&8] command /createworld <integer>: permission: skript.op usage: /createworld <radius> trigger: if arg 1 is a number: execute console command "/mvdelete UHC" broadcast "&a%command sender% &7is deleting...