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  1. XpelaajaX

    Need help with coordinates

    Hi! I am creating a maze spawning system using structure blocks and /clone command, but i cant get the coordinates of my loop blocks the right way. I want them like this: "15 4 12",but i get them like "15,4 12,5 14,5" here's my code: command /generate: trigger: if player is a...
  2. C

    Event-block's location.

    on right click: if event-block is yellow glass: if event-block's x-coordinate is 5: if event-block's y-coordinate is 54: if event-block's z-coordinate is 2: Why doesn't this work and could it be more compact?
  3. J

    Player's coordinates expression not recognized

    While looking for ways to detect when a player is below certain coordinates, I found the coordinates expression. I've spent all day trying to look for a solution. The example doesn't work: player's y-coordinate is smaller than 40: message "Watch out for lava!" Is there a new coordinate...
  4. RedDiamond

    Solved On Join Teleport

    Hei guys, so i wanna make a script so that when people first time join they get teleport to a specific coordinate in a world and I try this one its not working, anyone can help me with it? on first join: teleport player to location(40 23 171 world "flat") and I wanna make a script that when...
  5. E

    Right click the hologram and save the coordinate and put 1 on the block in hand

    Hello, right-click the hologram and place the spawner in the hands of the hologram coordinate on 1 block. on hologram touch:
  6. Z

    Set Block at (x y z)

    ▇▇▇ ▇▇▇ ▇▇▇ How can I set the block to block-2 at the specified coordinates(red point)? Assuming that I already know the coordinate of the yellow point, what should I do? on leftclick on a grass: player is holding {city_center} set {lx.citycenter} to the event-block's x-coordinate...