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  1. V

    How to make a Scale(List)

    I still don't understand how to make a scale I want each player with the "magic" perm to have a mana scale, and I can describe different conditions so that this scale (Mana) can Decrease (-) and Increase (+) Separately for each player
  2. V

    Solved Around saved varriable

    command /covertrack: cooldown: 1 seconds cooldown message: Ждите &c%remaining time% &fсекунд! trigger: set {b} to all blocks in radius 15 of player set {covertrack::%player%} to location of player command /inspect: cooldown: 1 seconds cooldown message: Ждите...
  3. Natalciuu

    Solved Getting name of a container

    Hey so im working on making a crate system with skript, but I want to get the name of the container or chest when you click it so it sets that to the name of the crate, I have a bit of code but it doesn't work. set {_crateName} to name of %location% inventory