click event

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  1. Brot

    Skript Help TuSke (1.14.4)

    Skript Author: Brot Minecraft Version: 1.14.4 --- Full Code: #CODE #+ if arg-1 is "+1": add 1 to {am.%player%} make player execute command "/enchant" if click action is shift left mouse button: add 10 to {am.%player%}...
  2. C

    Solved Ranks awarded by books

    English: Hello I have a problem. I want to give ranks by clicking on a book in the inventory! Then I want if you clicked on the book that it disappears. I have multiple ranks and when you click on a book, all the books in the inventory disappear. Here is my script:
  3. A

    Solved Click Event Failing in Some Cases

    Skript and all addons: Skript v2.2-dev23. SkQuery v3.21.4, skRayFall v1.9.7, TuSKe v1.6.7, SharpSK v1.6.0, RandomSK v2.7.1, SkStuff v1.6.2. MC Version: 1.8.8. on leftclick holding mushroom stew: if player has permission "arim.soup": set {_prot} to spawnProt(player) if...