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  1. Jake

    Script Chunk Load Checker 1.0

    Chunk Load Checker or (CLC) is a script that makes sure the Staff is notified when a Chunk Load Overload happens by alerting them with a report, reports are also viewable through the main command, data can be cleared though the same command, everything is configurable in the config...
  2. erenkara

    Script Simple Chunk Collector 1.1.0

    Introduction A chunk collector is a hopper that collects spawned items in a chunk. If the hopper is full, the item is not collected. You can't place more than 1 chunk collectors in a single chunk. You can get a chunk collector using the /givechunkcollector <player> <count> command. The arguments...
  3. S

    Boat Race Mini Game

    Hello, I am currently working on a boat racing mini game. But I ran into the problem that I don't know how to do the checkpoints and the start. The checkpoints and the start should be able to be set by command and it should also be possible to check whether a player has passed through the...
  4. T

    Why is my chunk size only 16x16x16 but not 16x16x256?

    I wrote this script to test how many blocks in one chunk and it resulted me on console with numerous "4096". And probably 4096 equals to 16x16x16 but 16x16x256 equals to 65536. on chunk generate: loop all blocks in event-chunk: add 1 to {_block} broadcast "%{_block}%"
  5. MRS777

    Solved Teleport to chunk

    Good afternoon everybody, I need some help with a chunk claim system. Chunks of players are gettin' saved in {Claim.ChunkList.%player%::*}. Now I want to create a GUI, so they can click on an item and get teleported to the chunk, they clicked on. .. I can't figure out, how to teleport to a...
  6. FUZIK

    chunks at player in radius 10

    please help me. how to receive all chunks in a radius? #example command chunks <location> <integer>: trigger: loop chunks at arg-1 in radius arg-2: broadcast "%loop-chunk%" thanks.