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  1. C

    How do I use functions instead of "else if"

    I am trying to make a system of rewards for killing wither skeletons and it makes the server lag due to the "else if"s, I want to use functions and someone told me to use: function checkChance(chance: number, number: number) :: boolean: return true if {_chance} <= {_number} else false My...
  2. M

    Solved Item Rename!?!

    English: Hey, I have 3 questions, how to implement this: command /itest: trigger: give random item out of all items to player 1. this makes so far only that one gets a random item, so how is it now possible to rename this item and add a lore (or is it possible that the name...
  3. RedDiamond

    Solved Crates skript not working

    So i've made a simple crates skript but the problems is sometimes when i right click with the key it didnt give me any rewards and sometimes it gave me 2 rewards on 1 key, can anyone help me to see what's the problem in this code, it'll help me so much. Thx :) on right click: if event-block...
  4. G

    Boss battle loot

    Im making a boss system where when u kill the boss, it has some drops, here is my current code: on damage: if victim is pufferfish named "Spike": if the final damage is bigger than the health of victim: loop all entities in radius 15 around victim: chance of 12%...
  5. S

    Crates with chances

    Category: Crates Suggested name: ServerCrates Spigot/Skript Version: Latest What I want: So I want crates that have custom winning chances (I should be able to change them) for each item. Each crate should have own key to open. No holograms needed. Ideas for commands: /crate...