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  1. J

    Script Ender Bow - Teleportation Through Precision 1.0.0

    Ender Bow - Teleportation Through Precision Are you ready to harness the power of precision teleportation in the world of Minecraft? Introducing the "Ender Bow," a unique script that empowers players with an extraordinary tool, an bow capable of teleporting them to the exact point where their...
  2. A

    Shoot arrow from location to player

    Hey! So the goal for this skript is to have this ability type item that allows you to create a helper that will stand still and shoot arrows towards the victim Skript: on damage: if name of tool of attacker is "&c&lArcher Ability": create a citizen named "&c&l%attacker%&c&l's...
  3. S

    Bow cooldown

    Hello, I need help to make shooting with the bow to be used again in 2 seconds
  4. K

    Solved Solved ,ty

    Ok so I was trying to make a machine gun (With tutorilals cuz im a noob) and i wanted to make it remove 15 arrows. And if you can also make it so that you can only get it from an admin not from renaming the item. Thank you Btw sorry for my english. It's my fourth language.
  5. E

    Hypixel SkyBlock Aiming

    Hey, I want to do the aiming of Hypixel SkyBlock. you shoot with a bow and the arrow flies normally when there is a mob on the way. Then he changes the direction and flies to him. If he moves he follows him
  6. S

    Homing arrows

    Hey, Is there any way I can create homing arrows with Skript? Homing Arrows = Arrows that fly around corners to hit the player I am using a 1.8 Server with an old version of Skript Thx, Skayar
  7. P

    Remove bow after shooting arrow

    Hello, I want to make that if a player throw an arrow, and then the player has no arrows left, the bow will be deleted. on projectile shoot: if player has arrow: remove bow from player
  8. Florenthz

    On leftclick with bow

    Hi there... Can someone help with a problem in Skript? Look... on leftclick with bow: if name of player's tool contains "&3Ballesta": if player has 1 arrow: make player shoot an arrow at speed 10.0 remove 1 arrow from player's inventory It doesnt work, Im...