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  1. Cha0tic

    How can i use an Boolean State as an Condition?

    So i wanna know if i can use a boolean state (true/false) as an condition for if. Like this but in a way that works: if {boolean} is set to false: do this Server Version: Paper Spigot 1.19 git-81 Skript Version: 2.6.3 Thanks
  2. L

    Solved Local effects -> return boolean (true/false)

    Hey, I was wondering if it is possible to create my own permissionsystem in skript. But i dont want to write 'if {perms::%uuid of player%::*} contains <text>'. So I thought of a local effect I began like: local effect if %player% (has|have) permission %text%: set {_p} to expression-1...
  3. E

    Problem with Create File

    Hello Guys, i have one problem. when i want to create a file: create file "plugins/Skript/scripts/bugs/bugs.%player%.yml" it says it is not a boolean yes/no i don't know what to do. Please Help :)