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  1. skript book?

    command /book: trigger: set {_book} to a new written book set {_component} to a new text component with "&b>&6Test%nl%%nl% test&b<" add hover event with action SHOW_TEXT with text "&eLel" to text component {_component} add text component {_component} to book...
  2. B

    Skript Invalid Book Tag

    i dont know why this skript when you made a book e give Invalid Book Tag i use skbee the native language is italian. Here my code. #DIPENDENZE: #Skript 2.6.2 #SkBee (Se usate una versione minecraft sotto la 1.17 scaricate SkBee 1.10.2...
  3. Tg hates himself

    Magic books

    Category: Magic Suggested name: Makig cal Spigot/Skript Version: 2.4.1 What I want: A skript that can be edited(easly edited, if posible) that adds custom named books; one that i want: Kamikaso: Spawns a charged creeper right at the books owner location, the explosion damage is 500 and the...
  4. C

    Is it possible to make more component on 1 page in book skripts?

    Is it possible to make more component on 1 page in book skripts? I want to do a report skript like Hypixels they have more clickable texts in 1 page how can i do that
  5. TadaFireworks

    Can't create a new book with skellett

    I have the following code: command /help: trigger: set {_book} to new book add page "Testing" to {_book} open book {_book} to player That gives the error that it can't understand expression: new book What is the problem, and how do i make it work?
  6. Jazzkuh

    [1.12.2] Book Mails

    Category: Mail Suggested name: Bookmail Spigot/Skript Version: 1.12.2, skript 2.2-dev33 What I want: I would like to have a skript that uses books in wich you can write some text and you can send it to another player. How it works: You can use the command /sendmail [player]: that opens a book...
  7. C

    Solved Ranks awarded by books

    English: Hello I have a problem. I want to give ranks by clicking on a book in the inventory! Then I want if you clicked on the book that it disappears. I have multiple ranks and when you click on a book, all the books in the inventory disappear. Here is my script:
  8. lukaskabc

    Force open book 1.13.2

    Hi, is there some way how to force player to open book? I have allready tested much codes for skript and skellet, but skellett looks not very compatible with mc version 1.13.2. I have test many variations of this set {_tool} to player's tool set player's tool to {RulesBook}...
  9. SoMuchWessel

    Open book and Quill

    Category: ? Suggested name: What I want: I want that a player can write something down in a book and quill, which they keep in their inventory, and that if i run the command /seebook <player> that it 'opens' his book and quill to me, so that i can read it, but not be able to edit it...
  10. M

    Book Teleport

    Category: RPG Suggested name: BookTpSK What I want: i am looking for a script which spawns a book with a colored name and lore which can be editable that teleports you to said location, it being spawn or a warp, and when used it disappears from the players inventory. Preferably using a...
  11. D

    "open book" does not work [Skellett]

    Hello! I am trying to make a Skript that opens a virtual book for the help page. I am trying to make a skript for making these books, but it does not work. I have searched and found this: where @LimeGlass put how to make the book item...
  12. D


    Software I'm using: Spigot 1.12.2 Skript (Bensku's Fork) Skellett What I am trying to achieve: On my server I have an ingame book item which has some information. What I want is when they type in /help to the chat, the book shows up, but without putting the book into their inventory. ∑...
  13. Ghostii

    Solved How Skip Line in Book

    Hello everyone! Since now I apologize for my English I am using Google Translator because I am Brazilian. Wanted to know how do I skip a line in books? Type write on the bottom line, how?
  14. A

    Write in a book

    1. How can i display a book? 2. How can i write in it (if 1. is possible) 3. How can i write with a json in the book? Thanks for your help! :emoji_slight_smile: Have a nice day And how can write in a sign and set this as variable
  15. kenkencw

    trace text from book

    how to trace text from any book?