block placement

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  1. A

    Players can only place tnt in region

    Hi, I wrote my very first skript today on a collaborative server with a lot of people who know more than me, but they're all offline for a while lol I'd like for non-op players to not be able to place any block other than tnt in the region "PeasantVillage." Help would be much appreciated!
  2. Merrical

    How do i make a block regenerate when I break it?

    the command i'm using: on break of coal ore: set block at the break of coal ore to coal ore send "&9Yay" to player Isn't working anyone know why? the "send "&9Yay" to player" is just so i know it works. it does
  3. M

    Placed On Block Event?

    Hello is there any event that says if a block is placed on another (lava) ? basically what I wanna do is that I made a delayed block remover, (which deleted placed blocks after x seconds ), but the problem with that is that if the block placed on lava, the lava source (or fire or...) gets...
  4. Naxxos

    Prevent an armor stand being placed.

    Hi all, I have been experiencing some trouble trying to prevent an armor stand being placed based on a permission granted to a player. here is the code: on place of 416: player has permission "magicspells.cast.vampireconsume": cancel event message...
  5. S

    Heads on fence posts won't place in nether

    Hai, I created a simple skript for UHC that places the head of a dead player on a fence post. It works perfectly fine in the overworld but in the nether only the fence post appears. Can anyone help me fix this? I've tried almost everything. Here's the skript: on death of player: if...