block data

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  1. N

    Check if block is one of many specified blocks

    How can i check if a block is one out of some different specified blocks? Doing this for example is a bit long and time consuming: on mine of stone: <the rest of the code> on mine of coal ore: <the rest of the code>
  2. FoxCraftGaming

    Block placing not working

    Hey everyone, so i have this skript here without any errors, but if players change their own color, the placed block is still white, or if i place a red wool. its stays red. what am i doing wrong?? Skript:
  3. N

    TuSKe deletes my block data. Please help!

    Hello guys! I have a rather big issue. Im using TuSKe for a generator skript and i dont know why but when i right click on the generator and the skript opens the menu the block data for the generator is gone? Please help! I linked my code
  4. Lee Since

    Solved Placing Logs Horizontally

    Does anybody know how to place logs horizontally with line "set event-block to ..."?